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You were a great octopus!

 You know, one day I'm going to post something happy and about real life, and maybe even something like an INTRODUCTORY POST or something. But today is not that day.

I've wanted to kill him for the longest time after he betrayed Germany and then right after when he predicted Spain's win of the World Cup. But he was only doing his oracle job and he's the cutest thing when he swims and lands on a box and eats the oyster. Plus he redeemed himself when he said Germany would win third place against Uruguay. This octopus has skills you know.

And now he has passed away. RIP, Paul! You were a true German at heart!

Source if anyone wants to see = http://www.timeslive.co.za/sport/soccer/article727519.ece/Paul-the-psychic-World-Cup-octopus-dead

jisung dance


Welcome to my page.

I'm gonna go back here and write something more interesting later. For now, it's me testing my skills with livejournal cuts and layout CSS codes.

But in the meantime, go do something fun like running around in cornfields or punching the crap out of your brother.

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